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Ilaria MArgutti, painterIlaria Margutti

Ilaria Margutti (Modena, 1971) lives and works in Sansepolcro, where she carries on her artistic activity in parallel with that of teacher of drawing and art history. In 1997 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, but it is since 1996 that she has started exhibiting her work in Italy and abroad: Janinebeangallery Berlin, Wannabeegallery - San Diego / Milan, MLBhomegallery - Ferrara, ArtGallery Zuccari - Montefalco (PG). Since 2007 she started to insert the embroidery technique in her paintings, until it has became the language that best represents her poetry.
In 2008 her works were finalists in three international awards: Arte Laguna Prize, Arte Mondadori and Embroideres' Guild of Birmingham. In 2010, Ilaria is in Ivory Coast with "De L'Esprit de L'Eau", an art project for the restoration of African culture in countries overwhelmed by civil war, supported by the Italian Consulate. She oversees projects for the dissemination of contemporary art at the Museo Civico of Sansepolcro, of which she is a Commission member: it is since 2011 that she has been the Curator of ENCOUNTERS AT THE MUSEUM WITH CONTEMPORARY ART, a series of meetings and exhibitions with artists from all over Italy which is held in the Museo Civico of Sansepolcro.
Since 2012, together with the Spanish artist Enrique Moya Gonzales, she’s been the curator of the path [..] RCHEOLOGICA, a project that aims to recover the abandoned areas to realize exhibitions and art projects in which the protagonists are mostly young high school students, to offer them the opportunity to compare with the artistic professionalism. Galleries reference: E-LITE Studio Gallery, Lecce - ART FORUM, Bologna.
Among her most recent exhibitions: 2010 – “The thread of the imperfect”, at the Festival of Contemporary Art of Bitonto and at the Museum of Emilio Greco, Latina (Italy); “Ottomarzo” curated by Iginio Materazzi at the ex-church of the Madonna del Duomo, Arezzo; 2011 – "Skin | Still”, curated by Viviana Siviero, at Wannabee Gallery, Milan; 2012 - Biennial FiberPhiladelphia, Philadelphia, USA; "Outside the Skin", curated by Manuela De Leonardis, Spazio Lavatoio Contumaciale, Rome; 2013 - "The body written on the thread", curated by Vincenza Tommaselli, Montevergini Gallery, Ortigia (SC).

Ilaria Margutti is the sensitive artist from Arezzo “who has chosen the ancient art of embroidery – a female activity since the dawn of humanity – to talk about pain, healing and redemption.
(Adriana M. Soldini, the renowed Italian art curator)

The artist, as a modern Moira, catches the thread of Ananke, the thread of fate, and with a slow, laborious, miraculous embroidery work, further enriched by inserts of gauze and natural elements, goes to write pages of a courageous and authentic process of artistic maturation through her portraits of women's faces and bodies. Embroidering the skin is almost like a long and pondered work done to enrich not only the skin itself but also more properly the own inner identity. “My work – as Ilaria told in a recent interview - is a metaphor for the construction of our own identity, a construction, which starts by taking care of ourselves because it’s just when we find the courage to take care of ourselves that we can begin to do so. Embroidery becomes for me a means by which I can express myself with my feminine identity, which is not that of painting or sculpture, but that has properly to do with the origin of female creativity, which passes through the thread”.
"Weaving, embroidery, mending, sewing are all 'actions' symbolically linked to the 'creation', to generate life from expectancy. The needle becomes an instrument of 'creation'. "The needle is a medium, a mystery, a reality, a hermaphrodite, a barometer, a moment, and a Zen: it leaves no traces and at the end it disappears. The only one trace is the connection realized by it" (Kim Sooja). The needle is pungent, it serves to injure, as well as to patch up, close, mend, rebuild the lines of the existence. The hands investigate the skin, recognize edges, impress furrows and mend folds. Women tirelessly make up themselves and define their forms, run through cavities and protrusions through the mouth and eyebrows, knees and navels, breasts and nails. The artist does not heal her injuries, but goes through the fractures of the flesh to transfigure her canvases in a scar in which to shut her and have peace. The border is the skin, weak and thin hinge between the inside and the outside".
(Taken from the critical text by Lucrezia Naglieri and Lara Carbonara)



A cura di Elena Merendelli
Palazzo Taglieschi, Festival dell'Autobiografia, Anghiari (AR)
dal 2 al 19 settembre


A cura di Maria Mancini, mostra del ricamo a mano e del tessuto XVII ed.
Valtopina (PG), 2|3|4 settembre 2016

ART SWEET ART residenze d'artista in case private

Progetto a cura di Saverio Verini e Laura Caruso.
Committente Tiziana Rinaldi (AR)


Acquisizione di un'opera presso la collezione del Museo Macs di Catania, a cura di Giuseppina Napoli, direttrice del Museo


A cura di Amistade Lab e Gino Querini - Galleria 126, Galway ( Ireland)
Artisti : Ilaria Margutti, Giancarlo Marcali, Elisabetta Di Sopra.


A cura di Antonio Zimarino-
Museo Civico Sansepolcro
Marzo 2016


A cura di Sara Cancellieri
La Casa di Schiele - Benevento
Novembre 2105

IDROPHILIA La Zona Abitabile

A cura di Ilaria Margutti,
Aprile|luglio 2015

Intrecci femminili nell'arte contemporanea toscana.

A cura dell’Associazione Heyart, s
S ala delle Leopoldine, Firenze.
Gennaio 2015


Dal 24 al 27 gennaio 2014
Galleria ARTFORUM - Bologna


collettiva a cura di Alessandra Redaelli
dal 25 gennaio al 9 marzo
Galleria Biffi - Piacenza
artiste presenti:
Vania Comoretti, Tamara Ferioli,
Ilaria Margutti, Alice Olimpia Attanasio,
Angela Loveday, Anna Madia, Marina Calamai,
Vania Elettra Tam, Rossella Roli, Erica Campanella.


dal 24 gennaio al 2 febbraio
Galleria 33 - Arezzo


dal 10|14 ottobre 2013
Galleria Art Forum - Bologna


Dal 07|11 novembre 2013
Galleria Art Forum - Bologna


A cura di Atlante Cultura
07|09 28|09 2013
Sala degli Ammassi - Citerna (PG)


A cura di Tiziana Tommei
12|07 31|07 2013
Galleria 33, via Garibaldi 33, Arezzo
Orari: merc. e ven. h 17|20,
giov. h 17|20 e 21|23,
sab. h 11|13 e 17|20.

CASERM[..]RCHEOLOGICA | group show

Mostra|Percorso sulla progettazione di un'opera d'arte
A cura di Ilaria Margutti e Enrique Moya Gonzalez
06|07 27|07 2013
Ex Caserma dei Carabinieri
via Aggiunti 55, Sansepolcro (AR)
Orari: gio.ven.sab. 17,00|20,00
Dal 21 al 27|07 tutti i giorni

The catalogue of the projects in PDF

The catalogue of the project of Ilaria Margutti are available for download inPDF format.